hope laughing stay. Lei Heng said so inappropriate. Chao Gai said If users refuse to accept, is the strange villain. Lei Heng said is the kindness Yasumasa time being received. Another day have to repay. Chao Gai called Anaheim Bese Leiheng. Chao Gai also took CompTIA Certification some silver reward all the soldiers, and then sent outside the village. Leiheng phase Farewell, cited soldiers from going. Chao Gai was the same after that Han Xuan next , take a few pieces of clothes, and he changed, taking top and scarf he wore, asked that the Chinese name yet who, where people. that Han said the villain surnamed liu, Milton, Zu Guan Dong Luzhou native because of this Binbian have this ride cinnabar remember, people do call villain red hair ghosts. To send a specially rich and Yasumasa older brother, yesterday evening, and passed out due to the temple, we do not want this guy caught, bundled up to. Credit goes here today, my brother seated by CASP it exam Liu Tang four worship. Baiba, Chao Gai said You say then sent me to see a wealth Where Liu CASP Tang said The villain childhood floating rivers and lakes, walk the road way, designed to get to know a good.

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CAS-002 CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP) CompTIA CASP